Cullector Patent Sale or License

The Very Real Need

Every minute of every day, in hundreds of millions of homes around the world quality fresh drinking water is being wasted due to inefficient showers.

This senseless waste can no longer be tolerated. Global water consumption rates are so high that surface water is shrinking at an alarming rate and groundwater reserves are depleting much faster than they can be replenished.

Poor resource management, population growth and global warming are further exacerbating the problem.

Governments around the world are addressing the issue by raising the cost of water, and the trend to the privatisation of water utilities is further adding to upward price pressure.

Cullector Global Warming Drought

Why the Cullector Beats the Competition 

Of all the shower waste solutions currently on the market the Cullector is the only one that addresses all of the major waste problems inherent in typical showers.
There are approximately 900 different types of showers currently registered on the Australian Government WELS database. 
Based on flow rate alone the Cullector is in the top 5% of all WELS products. When the Cullectors’ additional water saving features are taken into consideration it's clearly the standout water saving shower solution.
    Cullector Wins New Inventors Episode Award

    Why Consumers Want the Cullector 

    Financial Stress, Environmental Concerns and Necessity
    Most consumers quickly embrace new products that save money and benefit the environment provided they are sensibly priced and easy to install.

    The Cullector enables the user to take the initiative and become proactive in water and energy conservation without a large financial outlay or major disruption during installation.

    Cullector Survey Results

     The Market is Large and Lucrative

    The growth in global demand for environmentally sensitive products that support the “hip pocket and heart” concerns of both consumers and government regarding the environment, particularly water conservation and green house emission, has never before been as strong as it is today and pressures will continue to mount on both Governments and consumers to adopt every sensible available option to combat these escalating problems.

    The Cullector is exceptionally well placed to achieve strong growth in these market segments, especially so with an increasingly educated and environmentally aware consumer market.

    On the 23rd October a 3:45 second segment aired on Adelaide's Today Tonight Current Affairs program. The accompanying graph shows the impact the program made on the Kick Starter Campaign providing validation the market is ready to embrace the Cullector.

    The Market is Easily Identifiable

    Targeting areas experiencing severe water stress provides ready made market acceptance and a high level of exposure.
    Consumers forced to pay high charges for water and electricity also provide a market hungry for products that can reduce utility costs.

    The Market Can Be Easily Reached

    Existing dwellings: Any existing shower can be easily replaced with a Cullector.

    New dwellings and renovations: Installing a Cullector during construction or renovation requires approximately the same time and cost as installing a standard showerhead.

    Other markets include: Nursing homes, Aged care facilities, Hospitals, Government Institutions, Sporting Facilities, Clubs, Caravan Parks, Yachts, Motor Homes & Caravans.

    Distribution Opportunities

    Although distribution agreements have not been pursued during the Cullectors' field trials there has been a significant number of enquiries from companies seeking distribution opportunities from within Australia and Internationally. Full details of the enquiry correspondence will be supplied on successful completion of the sale. 

    Distribution enquiries include the following:
    Australia, WA, NSW, ACT, SA.
    Africa, South Africa, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Namibia, Kenya, Singapore, The Government of Dubai, Canada, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Turkey, Mexico and Ireland.

    The current market conditions and timing are ideal for the commercialisation of the Cullector and this position will strengthen as the pressure on water resources and awareness increases.

    Government Incentive Programs

    Rebates by Government Authorities act as an incentive for consumers to purchase water efficient or water saving devices. This is a simple but effective way to incentivise consumers to conserve water and reduce pressure on water and power infrastructure. The Cullector is well positioned to be included into Government Rebate Schemes.

    Victorian Energy Efficiency Target

    The Cullector is an approved product and registered under the VEET scheme. This allows registered installers to supply and install the Cullector and claim carbon credits . Registered ID: 1593

    Market Price and Healthy Profit

    Customer survey results show the Fair Price To Pay for the Cullector is $AU150-$AU199. The spread between the true cost and the optimum selling price allows for healthy profit.

    Current materials are Chrome Plated Brass but other materials such as ABS and Acetal offer excellent alternatives for less lucrative markets.

    Samples, engineering drawings and 3D CAD form part of the IP to be transferred on successful completion of the sale.

    Patent Protection for Secure Growth

    A patent is a form of intellectual property that gives its owner the legal right to exclude others from making, using, selling, and importing an invention for a limited period of years, in exchange for publishing and enabling public disclosure of the invention. 

    Under the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) TRIPS Agreement, patents should be available in WTO member states for any invention, in all fields of technology, provided they are new, involve an inventive step, and are capable of industrial application.

    AU Standard Patent 2008258129: Expiry Date: 2027-06-04 AusPat Details
    US Standard Patent 8,517,056: Expiry Date: 2031-02-28 USPTO Details
    Patent protection in Australia and the United States of America provides confidence to invest for secure growth.

    Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets

    Australia Standard Patent: AU 2008258129
    United States Standard Patent: US 8,517,056 B2
    Australia Trade Mark: 1212924. The word “Cullector” Class 11
    Domain Names:,
    Logos and Artwork
    Engineering Drawings
    3D CAD
    Laboratory Test Results
    Manufacturer Contact Details and Introduction
    Customer Contact Details
    Field Trial Results, Surveys and Feedback
    Details of National and International Distributor Enquiries
    Product Knowledge & Expertise Provided by Inventor
    Cullector Intellectual Property Rights

    Laboratory Tests and Certification

    After rigorous testing by an independently accredited laboratory the Cullector achieved WaterMark and WELS certification.

    The Cullector is not currently certified under WaterMark or WELS and the new owner will need to re-register the Cullector before offering them for sale in Australia.

    International water board standards can vary considerably and the Cullector's conformity will need to be assessed on a case by case basis.

    Feedback and Improvements

    Five years of extensive field trials in the homes of real buyers and their families have revealed overwhelming support for the Cullector along with some great feedback in areas that need improvement. 

    Feedback: It's ugly
    Aesthetically pleasing and designer clip on covers can be offered as accessories.
    Feedback: My kids can't reach the handle.
    An extension wand that connects to the Cullector handle can be offered as an accessory.
    Feedback: Why can't I use my own shower head
    The supplied shower heads provide the correct back pressure to enable the venturi to drain the bottle in the 4-5 minute time range. This locks in the buyer to purchase replacement shower heads and hoses from the supplier.
    Feedback: I can't use the pause feature in my shower because of unequal supply line water pressure.
    Fortunately this represents only a very small part of the market, such as older homes with gravity fed hot water systems.
    Cullector Satisfaction Survey

     Low Manufacturing Cost

    The Cullector is designed to be manufactured using existing processes and technologies that have been tried and proven over many decades.

    The main mechanism is based on a standard three-way ball valve and although the internal geometry has been re-configured somewhat the production process remains essentially the same. The reservoir is simply blow moulded and creating a range of new cover designs is only limited by imagination. The shower heads and hoses can be purchased off the shelf.

    The simplicity of design allows for easy and scalable production and a wide choice of global manufacturers.

    Why am I Selling the Patents?

    I'm passionate about the the creation and development of products that contribute to an environmentally sustainable future. My business model does not include manufacturing, marketing or distribution.

    If you believe the Cullector is a great fit with your existing product range and strategic direction or simply looking for a great new product to take to the market please contact me directly via contact us.

    The Cullector provides environmental and financial benefit far beyond that of the initial user and is a necessary and timely inclusion to global water conservation.

    Peter Cullin Inventor of the Cullector

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